openFormats I/O update

openFormats I/O finally got the support of GTA IV fragments (*.oft), new version also comes with fixed tangents support.

CLEO Android update

Seems like the last patch for Android version of GTA San Andreas has arrived, it is a bit strange that it's version is 1.0.5, because there was no patch 1.0.4 at all. CLEO Android is updated in order to support it.

openFormats I/O update

OpenIV is updated, this version comes with upgraded openFormats, so I'm publishing updated version of GTA IV OFIO scripts

CLEO Android update

CLEO Android is updated ! This release includes lots of changes including new touch detection system, more example scripts and detailed documentation, also by the requests of some users I have added the support of retail (1.0.0) GTA San Andreas version. Among other things I would like to notice that previous release had example cheats script with incomplete list of cheats, this update has complete one. Still I suggest you read cleo.pdf documentation before installing or upgrading your CLEO from previous versions. I hope you will enjoy it, you can leave your requests and reports in CLEO Android gtaforums topic.

Criminal Russia RAGE New Year Edition

Together with MIXAZZZ we proudly present New Year update of Criminal Russia RAGE, you can find the link in GTA IV section.

CLEO Android release

I remember the time when GTA San Andreas just came out. It was running on my PC with lots of lags so I got additional 256MB RAM module in order to make the game playable. By that time I never thought that in almost 9 years it will run smooth on my phone, even now I'm amazed with the fact that all RenderWare versions of Grand Theft Auto are available on mobile devices! Technologies move forward very fast, so we should too, don't we ? Just after the news about GTA San Andreas coming to Android I decided to made Android version of CLEO, so here it is ! Currently it supports GTA III, GTA VC and GTA SA, for detailed info see gtaforums topic.

Skyrim ENBHelper release

ENBSeries operates only with DirectX data for building it's extremly real and colorfull graphics. For more complicated effects and precise tweaking it requires raw render data from the Skyrim engine itself, this plugin provides it. You can find ENBHelper in skyrim section.

openFormats I/O update

openFormats I/O (OFIO) is updated, added extended animation support, check gtaforums topic for more info.