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CLEO ANDROID is a mobile version of the top-most popular GTA PC version add-on - CLEO library, which enhances game's script engine with ability to load custom scripts. Use cheats, spawn cars and use lots of cool features! To be precise this is already more than a mobile version, since now CLEO ANDROID covers all RW based GTA games, including LCS and VCS via PPSSPP, which runs on many platforms.

This distrib also includes the latest script sources and sdk for developers.

- support for Android 7 to 11
- support for III v1.8, VC v1.09, SA v2.00
- works with LCS now too, supports v2.2 and v2.4
- the library has been ported to PPSSPP, supports both LCS and VCS
- added touch based gui for menu
- added file swap feature
- added support for plugins
- scripts are loaded from sdcard/cleo/game folder now

- Android 4.1 to 11
- Android game series require root access for the app to function properly
- PPSSPP 1.11.2 or higher (any platform), for this on Android root is not required (yet)

Detailed information is available in the readme.

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