openFormats I/O update

OpenIV is updated, this version comes with upgraded openFormats, so I'm publishing updated version of GTA IV OFIO scripts

Criminal Russia RAGE New Year Edition

Together with MIXAZZZ we proudly present New Year update of Criminal Russia RAGE, you can find the link in GTA IV section.

Skyrim ENBHelper release

ENBSeries operates only with DirectX data for building it's extremly real and colorfull graphics. For more complicated effects and precise tweaking it requires raw render data from the Skyrim engine itself, this plugin provides it. You can find ENBHelper in skyrim section.

openFormats I/O update

openFormats I/O (OFIO) is updated, added extended animation support, check gtaforums topic for more info.

openFormats I/O release

First public version of openFormats I/O is released. This is the set of 3dsMax scripts for importing and exporting Open IV openFormats resource files. It's capable of importing and exporting GTA IV drawables (*.odr, *.odd), bounds (*.obd, *.obn), navmeshes (*.onv) and animations (*.onim).

GFWL Achievement Manager update

GFWL Achievement Manager is finally updated! Offline mode added among with manual process selection, minor fixes applied, download from misc.

Skyrim patch arrived

Another Skyrim patch is here, Script Dragon is updated. Get it from skyrim.