GTA IV Scocl


Scocl is the high level script compiler for GTA IV and EFLC. This project is based on the c-like llvm compiler. As you already noticed from the name of the project, compiler allows you to create your own sco scripts, which can be interpreted on GTA IV script virtual machine without any plugins and extensions like Script Hook and Alice

Every script must be written from scratch like it was originally done by R*, because decompiled scripts have no info inside sufficient for compilation. While writing new scripts you will need to look into the decompiled scripts anyway, so I had uploaded the pack of the OpenIV decompiled scripts from GTA IV, TLAD and TBOGT. I'm using Total Commander for text search inside of them. Note that scocl compiled scripts can't be decompiled using OpenIV or SparkIV becase they are trying to find high-level constructions by opcode patterns which were very specific for R* compiler. Scocl is using different pattern set, so you can decompile scocl scripts only to low level. Low level decompilation to the sco assembly can be done using scodcl.exe from the bin folder of the scocl distrib. Example project included.

Released Version Supported patches Download International support
07 November 2011 v0.8, Download Topic on gtaforums