GTA IV openFormats I/O

openFormats I/O or OFIO is the set of 3dsMax scripts for importing and exporting RAGE resources as Open IV openFormats text-based files. Originaly developed for 3dsMax 8 it was also adapted for 3dsMax 2012, it should also work on newer versions. OFIO is an open source project written in maxscript, it shows a lot of maxscript optimization and 3d-object control techniques.

OFIO is capable of importing and exporting drawables (*.odr, *.odd), bounds (*.obd, *.obn), navmeshes (*.onv) and animations (*.onim). OFIO can't be used with scenes made for GIMS, also importing resources previously exported by GIMS is not recommended.

Build Info
15 March 2015 - Bone index prop is calculated automatically now, compatible with old scenes
18 April 2014 - Added fragments (*.oft) import and export
- Fixed tangents export
11 March 2014 - Updated mesh format in order to support OpenIV 1.6
- Fixed rare exception on export for skinned meshes
10 August 2013 - Updated animation support
15 June 2013 - Fixed skinned drawables export for 3dsMax 12
- Skinned drawables export speed up
- Added memory warning message if MAXScript heap size is less than 256MB
14 June 2013 - Initial release

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