Four Dragon

Four Dragon is the custom script engine for Fallout 4 which allows to use Papyrus script events and functions in 3rd party plugins written in any .NET language (C#, VB). User written plugins can be located in plain source files (*.cs/*.vb) or in compiled libraries (*.dll).

1. In order to have this running you will need .NET Framework 4.0 installed, most probably you already have it.
2. If you have no MSVC 2013 Runtime Libs installed then download and install them from microsoft website.
3. Copy FourDragon.asi to the game's main folder, i.e. where Fallout4.exe is located.
4. Copy Fallout 4 asi loader (xinput1_3.dll) from this ditrib to the main game folder as well, this asi loader is the same as Shadow Boost one.
5. Optionally copy samples from "Data\FourDragon\" to "game dir\Data\FourDragon\"

Released 19 Dec 2015
Version v1.2.37.0a
Supported patches and
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